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Hair Extensions

Your Greene, ME

Hair Extensions Salon

We are proud to be Greene, Maine’s hair extension specialists. Hair extensions are a great way to add length, fullness, or color to your hair. Book your complimentary consultation at our luxury salon today!

Types of


most popular

Hand Tied Extensions

Our technique utilizes soft silicone beads and nylon string to meticulously sew in high-quality wefts using a curved needle. This method is ideal for achieving voluminous and luscious locks. Each placement is custom tailored to your head shape. The wefts cascade around your head, ensuring a consistent tension that prevents any strain, breakage, or damage. Hand tied extensions typically last 6-8 weeks.

great for fine hair

Tape-In Extensions

Tape in extensions are thin tape wefts, generally 1.5 inch wide pre-taped hair wefts, that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in “sandwich” like bonds. It is the most requested professional hair extension method in salons worldwide. This method is 100% natural, requires no tools or chemicals, and lasts up to three months-and the hair is reusable! It takes less than an hour to apply an entire head with zero damage. Tape in extensions typically last 4-6 weeks.


Hair Replacement

Non-surgical hair replacement offers a non-invasive alternative for individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning, providing them with options to regain confidence and achieve the look they desire. It’s a great option for folks who want to boost their hair volume and feel good about their appearance without having to deal with surgery.

Extension Care 101

Maintenance Appointments

Pre-book your extension follow-up & maintenance, no later than 6 weeks after your initial application.

Immediate Care

Tape-Ins Only: Do not shampoo, wet hair, or exercise to the point of perspiration for 48 hours after application, as the bond needs adequate time to cure.

Need Assistance?

S.S.S. = Stop, Snap, Send. In the event you experience any challenges please: Stop – assess the situation, Snap – a picture or video, Send – to your stylist

Style Like A Pro

Leave a little extra time for styling. Remember your new hair may behave differently or need different at-home styling product.

Weekly Shampoo

About 1-2x a week apply your clarifying shampoo to damp hair, massage and let sit for 5 minutes. Be sure to get around your wefts, while still be gentle and avoiding excess pressure.

Maintenance Shampoo

Keep up with your extension health by using only salon approved shampoos. In between your weekly clarifying shampoo we recommend our B3 Extension Repair Shampoo.


When choosing a conditioner it’s important to avoid products containing oils. The can cause the coating on your extensions to deteriorate. We recommend our B3 Extension Repair Conditioner.

Leave-In Conditioner

Keep your extensions in peak condition by applying a leave-in conditioner anytime it gets wet. To achieve the longest life possible we recommend our B3 Extension Refresh Spray!

Daily Brushing

Brush, brush, brush! Brushing your hair is very important! This will prevent and rid your hair of tangles & matts while keeping it looking and feeling beautiful.

Sleep Right

Sleeping with a silk pillowcase not only feels great, but helps prevent your hair from tangling while sleeping.

Keep Them Dry!

Hand-tied extensions will wear faster when left wet for prolonged periods of time. Thoroughly dry your roots to keep the stitching in peak condition.

Prevent Discoloration

Chlorine is not hair-friendly. If entering a pool or other body of water, apply a leave-in conditioner mid to ends and put hair into a ponytail. *Do not braid your hair for swimming.

Avoid Oils

Extensions are coated to help maintain & achieve high quality color and texture. Oils may build up on this coating removing it.

Avoid Sunscreen

Stay away from sunscreens containing Avobenzone and Octocrylene, these ingredients will turn your hair orange.

I absolutely love going in for my appointments. Candace makes me feel like an old friend and always does an amazing job!

- Caralynne G.