Skin Care

Farm House Fresh offers only the best quality ingredients when it comes to their skin care. Locally sourced ingredients are used to create each of their products insuring that they are clean of harmful pesticides and fillers. They also strive to make all of their products gluten and paraben free and most vegan. Let us tailor a skin care routine for you, whether it be wrinkle reduction or diminishing acne we would love to help on your journey to beautiful skin. This much press speaks for itself check out some of their amazing magazine features below!

Along with our all natural Farm House fresh line the salon also carries Native. One in three woman will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. This large statistic is being driven by our carcinogen laced lifestyle. One thing many people forget about when trying to avoid these carcinogens is their deodorant. This product is absorbed into the biggest pores in your body, on the armpit. This fast absorbent of carcinogens from your deodorant is unhealthy. These damaging facts are what caused us to bring in Native Deodorant. An all natural carcinogen free product Native has ten different smells to choose from.